I'm delighted that you are not only for children NOW but also for their future & truth. This is a Tyrannical Policy & it must fail Volcanically.

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I have reported extensively on the WHO for the past year. Here is the latest...


NOTE: Your first footnote contains an error. The time period for REJECTION of amendments was changed to 10 months, not 6. Please review the link to my latest article above.

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WHO is just the UN, which is just Rockefeller BIG-OIL, Big-Pharma

Most of the non-aligned non-western world is not part of the NWO WHO insanity.

The problem for UN/IMF/WHO is that the wheels have come off the toy-train called western-civilization; WHO attempts to fix the problem with GENOCIDE;



We knew back in the 1970's that USA had gone bankrupt, they made a deal with the Devil&SAUDI to keep the USD alive,

Even the S&L crisis of 1980's no bank's failed, bankers continued to own DC gov lobbys, no banks failed, ... all too big to fail; Even in S&L all was linked to pedophile in Boyztown (OMAHA) Franklin-Coverup, highest levels of FBI, DC-whitehouse; ( Boystown Omaha always had a Girlstown )

Even now BUFFET is still in charge and the mother of all horror is derivatives ( 200x insurance on leverage debt of securitys & faux assets ) and buffet was the king of it all;

Like EPSTEIN ( mossad agent #1) ruling wash-dc with comprised Pedophiles, the bankers do the same virtually all the banks attracted best customers by offering sex with nubiles boys & girls

Now +40 years of banking (derivative faux assets) & pedophilia and the wheels come off the toy train

Who knew??

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“The welfare of the people in particular has always been the alibi of tyrants, and it provides the further advantage of giving the servants of tyranny a good conscience.”

Albert Camus

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