We are in a psychological war with the political class playing each other to divide us and create more chaos, as a distraction from the technocratic imposition of social engineering. This nudge unit is pushing us towards a techno/ dictatorship under the guise of safety. Total control over everything in this world is planned which is the surveillance state, the control of every human, animal, plant and all resources of the world. Our children will never know any different if we do not push back and reverse the coming big brother state, we must stop complying and use peaceful lawful rebellion to oust the traitors in the political class who have sold out to a corporate coup d'eta ran by the WEF/UN/WHO and banking systems, who own and control people in key positions all over the world. The time is now for everyone to put petty squabbles aside and look at the future our children will be left with.

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Thank you for this incredibly well written article, setting everything out so articulately. Thank you also to UsforThem for their tireless efforts to obtain this information from the DfE.

It was always obvious that no proper risk/benefit assessment had been done, because the policy was patently nonsensical. Nonetheless, to see it proved as an actuality by way of these documents is simply astounding.

These children will become adults and not be able to comprehend how they could have been let down so extremely.

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the image that will haunt me is seeing a mother trying to put a mask on her screaming toddler outside a GP saying 'lets do this together darling'- my heart went out to both of them.

There is no danger, there is no virus, there is no new disease https://georgiedonny.substack.com/p/seeing-is-believing lets make sure they never hurt us this way again



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Here is a splendid send up from the Babylon Bee. One of my favourite sites.

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Excellent work by the UsforThem team ! However as someone living in Scotland I felt that Nicola Sturgeon got off rather lightly ! She started this awful ball rolling in the UK and I'm sure did no risk assessment either. I'm sure her decision was political too and responding to pressure from teaching unions. Her mandate for masks in schools also continued for longer.

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Nicola 'I do no wrong ' Sturgeon must also be held to account. At the height of the madness we saw a mother and her toddler, who was seated in the back of the car, both masked, as she drove away from a park in Kirkcaldy on a hot summer day. Thank you for this article, and for the work you are doing.

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Incredulous that this could happen in our society yet I am no longer shocked by the pathetic tactics employed by government AND the opposition who were even more vocal demanding more restrictions and pushing even more for the sickening child masking tactics.

The only way I see to avoid more harm is to teach our children and hopefully their parents to question everything. Get vocal, object, demand evidence… not some waffle charts from a minister using manipulative language to force compliance.

If the parents are sleepwalking, waiting for the next instruction and have no capacity for independent thought or decision making of their own, what chance do we have to remain a thriving nation?

Far too many parents willingly, almost eagerly, complied with harming their own children as they couldn’t be bothered to even question (let alone research) the logic of mainstream media and government.

Since when does the state have the right to control - or even attempt to steer - the basic thought process of the population they work for. They set out to deceive and did so on an epic scale yet where are the roars of anger? I hear little cheeps from the general population.

A treacherous path which can only result in dictatorship or revolution. I am ready and praying for the latter.

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The lies of ‘following the science’ were aligned with the ‘following the unions diktats’ by spineless, manipulative politicians. I will never forgive nor forget those who imposed the harmful and ridiculous masking diktats on our treasured children. In addition, the segregation and alienation of those poor souls who chose not to wear a mask having to sit outside in the cold to eat their packed lunch. Heartbreaking.

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What kind of society sacrifices the young to protect adults?

This is an excellent article which lays bare the blinkered group think- led from the front by FM Sturgeon -never one to miss a chance to put Westminster on the spot.

Political expediency cast aside any proper consideration of risks and likely consequences, while public health policy was turned on its head.

Congratulations to UsforThem for exposing this thoroughly shameful saga.

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Thank you UsForThem for your tireless efforts supporting our children. None of these revelations are a shock to people who were fighting mask mandates. What is shocking is that Masks in Schools isn’t part of the Covid enquiry. Surely we now have enough evidence to lobby for a change to the terms of reference- the effects of the covid response in children need to be fully investigated. The findings from the swine flu enquiry warned against the measures taken for Covid, but these warnings were ignored and even more damaging and baseless policies were foisted upon us. With the WHO supporting lockdowns and having pushed Governments around the world to follow WHO guidance in future pandemics, it seems that we are already set up for an even more terrible time, if that is possible. If the Covid hysteria and resultant harm was a Spring Tide, we now seem to be faced with a Tsunami of hysteria and inevitable harm from these ‘future pandemics’ predicted recently by Vallance and Whitty.

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Obvious even without Hancock's book that winning the political war was all that mattered. Our government was pathetic, from the very beginning looking over its shoulders at what European leaders were doing and automatically following suit. Tories deserve everything 2024 will throw at them, bring it on.

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The complete Covid & Vax farce was nonsense from day ONE!

If we were allowed to carry on our lives with Fauci's modified Covid (which was probably Flu anyway) our Country's wealth would not be decimated, our kids would not be struggling, Pfizer would not have made massive fortunes we can't even imagine, thousands would NOT HAVE been INJURED or DIED from the useless injection and the WEF might not have proven how gullible humanity can really be.

Great to see the truth coming out after 0NLY THREE YEARS???


LIABILITY must be reinstated - NOW!

Mick from Hooe (UK) Unjabbed because I joined the dots and realised the deadly farce!

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A number of Freedom Of Information Act requests have been made in relation to this, and the that can be found here (https://www.whatdotheyknow.com/request/risk_assessment_for_face_coverin) may relate to this article by UsForThem.

If you scroll to the bottom and look at the document "FOI Internal Review Face covering evidence note for Secretary of State 30 December 2021.pdf" and view it as HTML, you will see all of the text, some of which is obscured in black overlay if viewed as a PDF.

As you will see at the bottom, it provides 'More detail on section 44,' which is the part of the Employment Rights Act 1996 that 'provides employees with the ‘right’ to withdraw from and to refuse to return to a work place that is unsafe.'

I think it is perhaps this that the DfE and government feared more than the virus itself, as when you look at the two final bullet points you see this:

"• _Further measures would likely boost confidence in the sector ahead of return and might make any use of s44. less likely.

• _Given the significant risks of workforce absence at the start of the new term, we should consider any action that might further reduce the risk of staff using their s44. rights given this would exacerbate any staff shortages. "

Read that again - "we should consider any action that might further reduce the risk of staff using their s44. rights given this would exacerbate any staff shortages."

So what was most important to DfE and the Government? Potential harm to children from mask wearing or staff enacting their s44. rights and giving the DfE and Government a potential headache? I know what I think!!

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