Thank you for sharing your experiences, even if I was in turns crying and raging at the damage done to our kids.

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I keep saying this: what kind of society sacrifices the young and the very young in such a thoughtless clumsy way?

2 years ago I spoke to the then manageress of a local shop- now closing- and she told me how her youngest boy had become very clingy and fearful, unwilling to be separated from her .

How can we ensure that this will never happen again?

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I do research with babies and young children and this sounds similar to what I've seen too - in terms of social interaction and language skills. Things do seem to be improving now though (post lockdown babies).

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Definitely. The difference was adults, no matter their circumstances, rich, poor, employed, unemployed and all the other myriad of possibilities, could understand what was going on, (sort of) whether they agreed with it or not. But not children, they're empty vessels taking everying in and trying to make sense of it all, but we let them down, badly

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Today I spoke to one of our library staff,who told me how dismayed she is at the lack of support now being provided by teachers for anxious pupils like her son,who is now in his final year and trying to prepare for crucial summer exams.

Having lost so much valuable time during the lockdowns,enthusiastically enforced by teaching staff,youngsters like her son are now enduring yet more absences caused by the current strike action.

We agreed that the sacrifice of the young- from infancy to early adulthood -has been an egregious disgrace,which will have lasting consequences for many,especially those from the poorest families.

Young children's developmental milestones are not being met, disruptive behaviour and poor concentration and lack of interest are manifesting across all age groups and the teachers' strikes are compounding the growing problem.

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